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"D" as in German – Other language services


Academic research, language documentation and revitalisation work is funded by universities and governments or other public bodies in most cases. In contrast, some language services are provided for a fee, which usually includes professional translations, proofreading and editing as well as language coaching.


Do you already understand German and are looking for an amusing piece of literature? Then you should follow the link to the German site of The Barefoot Linguist to find the book Deutscher Alltag in Übersee” – an entertaining biography of the Olawsky family and their way through various continents as they arrive in Australia – eventually.


For other services please make your selection from the drop-down menu above!




The Barefoot Linguist is a NAATI-accredited translator from English into German and offers reliable translation services at competitive rates.


  • Perhaps you just need a short document translated?
  • Or would you like to expand your business by translating your website into German?
  • You want a simple sign translated for your shop, explaining your products to non-native speakers of English?
  • Do you think a translation of your promotional materials would increase your success?

Then this could be the right place to look for professional services!


By the way, NAATI accreditation means that the translator has acquired professional recognition by the Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters; translated documents are legally recognised by government agencies.


Contact The Barefoot Linguist to request a non-binding quote for a professional translation of your English text into German.


Please note that The Barefoot Linguist believes in native speaker skills for a perfect translation; therefore, professional translations from German to English are not offered here.




Are you thinking of publishing something yourself?

The Barefoot Linguist can provide proofreading for your texts.


Perhaps you have written a manuscript intended for publication, but want to make sure all orthographic and grammatical errors are eliminated before submission?


Proofreading is about ironing out errors, typos, and minor inconsistencies in a document. In order to review a document including its structure and content, editing is recommended (see below).




·      Perhaps you have written a text in German which may require professional editing in terms of style, grammar and coherence?

  • Editing will look at the structure of your text, its content, consistency, clarity, and style.
  • As a book author and publisher of other literature, THE BAREFOOT LINGUIST is prepared to transform your manuscript into a worthy document, ready for publication.

The Barefoot Linguist will assess at no cost whether your document requires proofreading or editing.